Folded spiral-seam tubing according to DIN 24145 and crimped tubing according to DIN EN 12237

MSL folded spiral-seam tubing is generally spiral wound and folded from galvanized steel, giving it high rigidity.

MSL folded spiral-seam tubing is made with a diameter of 2000 mm in accordance with DIN 24145, and as crimped tubing in accordance with DIN EN 12237.

The MSL shaped components range includes all the parts needed for ventilation engineering plant. Nominal diameters are in accordance with DIN 24147. The shaped pieces are made from galvanized sheet metal. Seams are spot-welded or flanged then sealed on the inside.

Connector joints and flange joints are available as options for connecting MSL folded spiral-seam tubing. Connector joints are recommended for nominal diameters of up to 800. For larger nominal diameters, flange joints are recommended.

MSL folded spiral-seam tubing can be made in individual lengths of up to 18 metres upon request. The properties and high corrosion resistance of this folding spiral-seam tubing make it suitable for use in a wide variety of areas.