Perforated sheet metal, steel mesh, joint plates, wide band, split band, sheet metal, shaped steel

To adhere to our brief delivery periods we always have large stocks of wide band, split band, joint plates and steel mesh on hand for our clients. In our 5,400 sqm works the metal is processed into corrugated or trapezoidal shapes and used to manufacture our provisional shuttering systems.

Joint plates are available in all standard widths and thicknesses and in tailored and/or coiled form.

Steel mesh and perforated sheet metal without profile is always in stock in the thicknesses below:

MSL TypeFlow capacity in %
S 0,50 flat     width 1,00 m     approx. 36%
S 1,00 flatwidth 1,25 mapprox. 68%
S 1,50 flatwidth 1,25 mapprox. 68%

Available in the widths 1.0 m and 1.25 m in any length as coils. Tailored versions available in lengths up to 4 m.