Joint band system floor and wall, type SV/SV-Vario

The MSL systems for joint bands meet DIN V 18197: 2005-10 requirements.
The system for universal uses

In the wall area the two-part system is fastened to the outer reinforcement. The joint band is in the construction joint area between the steel mesh shuttering sheets and is fastened externally to the constructional steel rods welded to the element. In the floor area the elements are installed between upper and lower reinforcement and fastened in place.

The system for universal uses

The elements must be permanently and immovably fastened to the exterior or upper and lower reinforcement. The initial concrete poured must press the mesh against the element reinforcement rods. Construction stability is ensured by installing additional reinforcement brackets on the longitudinal reinforcement and element rods on site.

Type SV – floor installation                                 Type SV – wall installation

MSL type SV-Vario

one system for various building component thicknesses

The element is identical to the type SV. However, additional expansion steel sheets of 1.5 mm thick steel mesh in varying widths are supplied. This makes it possible to install shuttering for varying wall thicknesses using the same system. The system is very well suited as a stock item due to its universal uses.