Pipe Systems

Water feed pipe type WFR for pressure-free water drainage

Pipe lines must be protected against lateral displacement and indenting, e.g. by assigning fixed points at a distance of max. 4 m with a pipe diameter up to 50 cm, 3 m with a pipe diameter up to 80 cm and  2 m with a pipe diameter up to 90 cm. For all pipe diameters, the pipes must lay uninterrupted and be laterally supported by pilings. Otherwise, they have to be filled with soil to over half of the diameter.

These dimensions are required because the pipes cannot withstand the flowing pressure of the water without anchoring and correct support. Special measures must be taken for changes in direction (arcs). The connection of the individual pipes is through a plug-in connector, quick-closure sleeve and sealing tape.

Special shapes which are required such as segment arcs, branch pieces and reduction pieces can be supplied on request.


For pressure-free water drainage
For example:

  • To divert streams during required cleaning work on the stream bed.
  • To divert water during work in swamp and marsh areas.
  • To divert water from excavation ditches which are below
    groundwater level.

Larger water volumes can also be taken care of by distributing them to several pipe trains.